Young Adult Transitional Living

These programs are designed to assist young adults who need help to master the independence, personal responsibility, and organizational skills required to manage the demands of post-high school life. Staffed by therapists, addictions counselors, learning, and vocational specialists, young adult programs seek to guide the young adult to gain the skills needed to pursue college and work. An important component of these programs is that they introduce the young adult into situations of increased responsibility and complexity as they are ready. College courses, internships, community service activities assume increased importance in the weekly schedule as the young adult is ready to meet the challenge. Many of these programs can individualize their program, depending on the needs, interests and talents of the student. Taking care of oneself physically, socially, and organizationally, including things like learning to regulate one’s use of technology and moving family relationships to a more age-appropriate stage are addressed. Programs differ in style and in types of problems served. Average length of stay is 3 months to one year with intensity of service decreasing as the student becomes more independent. Often Wilderness Therapy, with its focus on the development of personal responsibility, is recommended preceding admission to a Young Adult Transition program.